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Velox Tennis Winter Camp

Like all sports and games...

kids want to PLAY as quickly as possible.

We've designed our Winter Camp so that your kids, no matter what skill level they are, will be matched with players at the same level and will have lots of FUN while LEARNING.

For Any Skill Level

Never played before or have played a lot?

Our camp is designed help any skill level get started.

Kids Aged 5-13

Designed for ages 5 to 13 so that no matter their age, they'll have a great time suited for their skill level.

Racquets Provided

Don't have a racquet to play with? Don't worry, we'll lend a racquet you can use to get started playing straight away!

4 Days at 2 locations 

July 4th & 5th

at Waratah Park Sutherland

Tennis Courts

July 6th & 7th

at Illawong Tennis Courts


How much?

$45 for 1 day

$85 for 2 days

$135 for 3 days

$150 for 4 days

Interested? Let us know.

Select Days: (Tick for Yes)

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in contact soon.

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