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Tennis Racket and Ball

Velox Tennis 28 Day Challenge

Get your kids back into Tennis (or playing for the first time!) with the Velox Tennis 28 Day Challenge.

In 28 Days, your kids will get a great taste of the Velox Tennis Experience, with private coaching lessons to develop their skill, point play sessions to get them playing against other players, a free physio session and some new tennis balls to starting hitting!


2x Private Coaching Lessons

This Practice program makes it easy to get practice time with other players the same age and ability. 


Practice what was learnt during the private lessons, rally and play points with family and friends, meet new people and get matched with players at a similar skill level.

12x Point Play Sessions

These sessions are to designed to help you learn technique as well as focusing on your point play in a group setting. Lots of teamwork drills to keep the participants active.

point play image.jpg
Pile of Tennis Balls

2x Can of Balls

Get 2 Cans of Balls so that you can practice at home or on the court when you want to!


1x Free Physio

Enjoy a free physio session at Physio Inq in Sutherland.

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